Happy Thanksgiving!

If you’re American, today is the day dedicated to feasting on turkey, oeta and asfavirzeth (yams and cranberries). To you all, I wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving! To everyone not celebrating Thanksgiving, have a splendid Thursday! Not much else to share, but I was sending a message on my phone yesterday, and this happened:

Autocorrect filling out my Dothraki message.

Click to enlarge.

Heh, heh. Awesome! I was just sending a congratulatory message in Dothraki to someone, and my iPhone knew right where I was going. Priceless.

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  1. Will we be seeing a meaning for that new word soon? ;)

  2. Can’t believe it! But did you use some special programme or something? Or lucky guess? I can’t believe the iPhone just guessed that!

  3. Vitteya athchomari, zhey David!

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