That’s the word for “frustration”. This darn blog loads too slowly! I really like my WordPress theme and what I’ve done with it (this blog, essentially, looks just the way I want it to), but, you know what they say: athdikar assila athozhokwazar. As a result, I’m writing this otherwise contentless post to ask: Is there anyone out there that can fix this? I’m looking for a solution that isn’t “Delete these plugins” or “Switch to this theme”, but something like, “I rewrote page.php and moved the JavaScript around”, or, “This plugin is much better than the one you’re using and accomplishes the same function”. A golden dragon for the one who can help! (Or perhaps just a heartfelt thank you.)

Okay, regular content will now resume.


    1. Oh, hey, that’s a good idea, David! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that—or apparently never read what the plugin did. Seems like I could have done that, like, two years ago the first time I saw the plugin and said to myself, “lol wuts dat?/1/!?!” Oh well. At least I have it running now. Thanks for the comment!

  1. Nice, that does make the site a bit faster…

    BTW is “athdikar assila athozhokwazar” meant to be the sentence from episode 3? Because we have that as “athdikar assie athzhokwazar”, speed defeats size. Or is there a slight difference in meaning intended in your example here?

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