Indefinite Relatives

Or something close to that, anyway. In honor of the Olympics (though not really in honor of the Olympics), I thought I’d go over a very small, very specific bit of Dothraki grammar. But before I do that, after upgrading OS X Mountain Lion, the weirdest thing is happening in WordPress. Basically (and there’s really… Continue reading Indefinite Relatives


In some of our IRC chats, Qvaak has asked me to go over demonstratives in Dothraki, so I’ll aim to do that today. A demonstrative is a word like “this” that’s used in front of nouns or noun phrases. In English, we have these four common demonstratives: Give me this book. (Nearby, Singular) Give me… Continue reading Demonstratives


Responding to a request that I think came from IRC, here’s a look at personal pronouns in Dothraki. Since I’m a big fan of tables, let’s start out with a table, and then follow it up with explanation. In this table, we’ll have the pronouns going along the left, and the cases going along the… Continue reading Pronominals

To Be or Not to Be?

Always a tough question for a conlanger. Not existence, of course, but the copula, and how to deal with it. First, by way of introduction, the copula in English is our friend “to be”. It performs a few different functions, as in the sentences below: A dog is an animal. (Category Membership) That is Maria.… Continue reading To Be or Not to Be?