Tīkuni Zōbrī, Udra Zōbriar

Tonight’s linguistic recap will be short, since there was no Valyrian or Dothraki in episode 302: “Dark Wings, Dark Words.” Of course, I’ve gotten used to this kind of treatment at the hands of Vanessa Taylor… Hee, hee, just kidding. She had some good stuff for me in 204. And the way things work is… Continue reading Tīkuni Zōbrī, Udra Zōbriar

Qute Responses

Last time I listed some sentences sample sentences featuring the Dothraki Q, and asked for recordings from readers of the Dothraki blog. Here are the results! 1. Qoy qoyi This is the translation of the famous Dothraki phrase “blood of my blood”. The full phrase would actually be Qoy qoyi anhoon, but the anhoon is… Continue reading Qute Responses

Qute Noises

Somewhere over at the forums a question came up about how exactly to pronounce Dothraki Q. It’s a favorite sound of mine, so I thought it’d be nice to dedicate a post to it. I first encountered the sound which in IPA is transliterated as [q] in 1999, when I took my first Arabic class… Continue reading Qute Noises

Accents in Dothraki

Today’s topic was suggested by ingsve over at the Dothraki fora, but it comes originally from Blizzard over at Westeros.org. Blizzard writes (in the Requests thread of the Dothraki subforum): How the Dothraki would pronounce the words of the westerosi houses? Or “Where is my horse?” Well, the latter’s pretty simple: Finne sajo anni? But… Continue reading Accents in Dothraki