2011 Conlang Card Exchange

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For the past three years, a number of conlangers have participated in the Conlang/Concultural Card Exchange. I participated the first year with Kamakawi, but missed the deadline the next year, so I wanted to be sure to participate this year (though I still almost missed the deadline). For this year’s exchange, I decided to use… Continue reading 2011 Conlang Card Exchange


Responding to a request that I think came from IRC, here’s a look at personal pronouns in Dothraki. Since I’m a big fan of tables, let’s start out with a table, and then follow it up with explanation. In this table, we’ll have the pronouns going along the left, and the cases going along the… Continue reading Pronominals

To Be or Not to Be?

Always a tough question for a conlanger. Not existence, of course, but the copula, and how to deal with it. First, by way of introduction, the copula in English is our friend “to be”. It performs a few different functions, as in the sentences below: A dog is an animal. (Category Membership) That is Maria.… Continue reading To Be or Not to Be?

Manner Adverbs

There have been a few questions about how adverbs work in Dothraki, but the topic is actually larger than one might expect. For that reason, I decided to break it down by category. Those who grew up with English may be surprised (or, at least, I was at first) to learn that there are actually… Continue reading Manner Adverbs