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Asp! Do you hear that? It’s the mighty rustling of Winter Goat’s shaggy shirane! Indeed, it’s time to select which goat will claim the title of “Winter Goat, 2013”! Rather than soliciting images this year, I’ve decided to re-enter the entries from last year, since ingsve’s goatish present from last year swept the competition aside at the last moment. Each entry will get a fair shake, so the votes from last year won’t be counted; the vote tallies will start anew. Here are the candidates for Winter Goat, 2013:

Let the voting commence!

Of course, I should also say something about not having blogged in several…months. It gets busy this time of year (summer and fall), and I’ve just been swamped. Plus, I’ve taken to answering a lot of conlang-related questions over on my Tumblr. It’s a bad habit, and I will try to do some posts here leading up to the season 4 premiere next year (where I’ll keep up my usual commentary).

If you’re going to be near Houston around New Year’s, I’ll be at SpaceCityCon. Come by and say hi!

This was just a short post, I know, but there will be at least one more coming this month. Geros ilas!


  1. Athdavrazar! It was starting to get rather quiet here.

    We have all of our dorvi in one spot now. I was going to take a picture of them for you, but I forgot both my camera and my phone. I guess this is what subzero cold will do to you!

    The havsi are working overtime to stay warm and keep me warm!

    I see a hew word? shirane? Inanimate type B for ‘beard’??

    1. Type A, actually. I didn’t bother declining it with all the English about. A regular old Type A it is!

      It’s 47° here and that’s too cold. I can’t imagine a temperature below 0°. I admire your insanity!

  2. Kirimvose!

    It got down to -5 Sunday morning, and -6 Monday morning. Those are the lowest temperatures I have measured in some years. Sunday morning, it took several hours to get all the ice out of the cat water tanks at the zoo. Later that day, I went up to a friend’s house in Lake Tahoe for a music event he hosted in his home (He has a pipe organ in his house!). His heating system wasn’t working right, so I spent a couple hours afterwards trying to troubeshoot it. So, it was an interesting weekend with all the cold!

  3. A biologist just named a species of sea slug after Daenerys: “Tritonia khaleesi”.

    Mixing our peas with our mashed potatoes to fit a Dothraki noun into Latin declension…it’s a feminine noun but ends in “i”? …Latin third declension?

    My previous favorite is that Paleocene predator they named “Ankalagon” (for legal reasons; couldn’t call it “Ancalagon” or the Tolkien estate would raise hell).

    1. You can throw foreign words into Latin just like any language. It only becomes problematic when you realize you can’t decline them and they start gumming up the works. Gum, from gummi or cummi, usually indeclinable (but sometimes treated as third declension feminine), from Greek κόμμι, from Egyptian qmy.t. But I digress. Returning to the point, for it to end in -i but be feminine is not too shocking, especially for a foreign word. Furthermore, since khaleesi and Tritonia are both either nouns or capable of being nouns (don’t we usually assume a genus name is a noun, and the specific epithet is either an adjective or an appositive?) it makes more sense to assume they are in apposition, and therefore Tritonia says nothing about the gender of khaleesi. The fact that it means “wife of the Khal” probably says more about the gender though ;)

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