Me Azho Anni Shafkea

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Shh! Did you hear that? Why…it sounds like the gentle rustling of the hoary beard of Winter Goat! No, he’s not here yet, but the goating hour draws nigh! Indeed, it is December, which means the grand nearly year-old Goatmas tradition here at the Dothraki blog is near at hand! And what better way to… Continue reading Me Azho Anni Shafkea

I Care!

Happy Wednesday! I thought I’d do a mini-post on a small question that’s come up a couple times and deserves a tiny bit of fleshing out (hashtag little). More than a few people have asked how to say something along the lines of either “That’s important to me” or “I don’t care”. Our English verb… Continue reading I Care!

Asshekhqoyi Vezhvena Save!

Yes. It’s that time again. No, not time for Week 3 of the NFL season or another NHL lockout: It’s time for our own khaleesi Daenerys’s birthday. Asshekhqoyi vezhvena, zhey khaleesi! I couldn’t get you a dragon, because, well, you have them all, so here are some words (along with audio files) to fill in… Continue reading Asshekhqoyi Vezhvena Save!

Finnaan Anha Dothrak?

So unlike MiniDisc, apparently turn-by-turn navigation systems aren’t going away any time soon (go figure). Thanks to our very own Hrakkar, though, we’ll soon have the option of getting turn-by-turn directions in Dothraki. Pretty wild, right? So this is how it works. Hrakkar found a text file used by Garmin to translate its directions into… Continue reading Finnaan Anha Dothrak?

Anha Tihak Yera

Little multiconlingual pun there for you. A while back, I was profiled on the CNN show The Next List. When I was prepping for the show, they asked me if I could get some videos of fans speaking Dothraki—about a minute, they said. I don’t think they understood just how long a full minute is,… Continue reading Anha Tihak Yera