Azho Anni Ha Yeraan

A fellow conlanger (Scott Hamilton, creator of the Riddlesbrood language) sent some pictures my way of some new Dothraki jewelry. Sunnie Larsen and Marcos Duran got each other a joint anniversary present pictured below: The bracelets say “zhey jalan atthirari anni” (hers) and “zhey shekh ma shieraki anni” (his). Very nice! They came from Etsy… Continue reading Azho Anni Ha Yeraan

M’athchomaroon, Zhey Rhaesheser!

Athchomar chomakea! Welcome to the Dothraki language blog. Here I’ll discuss the Dothraki language, and things related to it. Posts here will likely be specific, and more or less direct responses to questions or comments posted by community members of, or right here on the blog (or elsewhere [e.g. via e-mail (or in question… Continue reading M’athchomaroon, Zhey Rhaesheser!