What’s Said Is Said!

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Thanks for all the responses! I was quite pleasantly surprised to see how quickly everyone (pretty much) either hit on the right translations, or hovered right around them. Now I’ll go through them and make some comments. First, big ups to ingsve, who responded with almost perfect translations only 26 minutes after the post went… Continue reading What’s Said Is Said!

Say Your Right Words…

A couple posts back I noted that a poster at the Westeros forum had probably asked for Dothraki translations for each Westerosi house’s words, rather than just me pronouncing the names of each house in Dothraki-accented English. My bad there. Anyway, I’ve already translated the words of House Targaryen (“Fire and blood”), but there are… Continue reading Say Your Right Words…

Accents in Dothraki

Today’s topic was suggested by ingsve over at the Dothraki fora, but it comes originally from Blizzard over at Westeros.org. Blizzard writes (in the Requests thread of the Dothraki subforum): How the Dothraki would pronounce the words of the westerosi houses? Or “Where is my horse?” Well, the latter’s pretty simple: Finne sajo anni? But… Continue reading Accents in Dothraki