Asshekhqoyi Anni

Today is my 31st birthday, which seems like a much more frightening prospect than my 30th… But at least I have two years until my 33rd. If you’re wondering about the featured image for this post, the explanation is quite simple: Since I’m writing this post before my actual birthday, I don’t have any pictures… Continue reading Asshekhqoyi Anni

Hajas, Zhey Khal!

I know it’s not the most popular costume this Halloween, but some may have the idea of going trick-or-treating as Khal Drogo. You could probably grab a Conan the Barbarian costume and modify it, sure. That’s cool. Or you could make your own Khal Drogo costume. Authentically. From scratch. Sound impossible? If you’re someone like… Continue reading Hajas, Zhey Khal!

Yes You Khal!

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Aena shekhikhi! (Good morning!) This is from quite a while ago, but Thomas Magnum (his Twitter account is here) put together this outstanding mock up of the famous Barack Obama “Hope” poster using our own Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) and some Dothraki: Outstanding. Notice the Horse Gate (Emrakh Hrazefi) logo in the lower right in… Continue reading Yes You Khal!

Dothraki Writing System…?

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Periodically I’ll spotlight cool stuff being done by Dothraki community members here on the blog. Today I want to take a look at something really cool done by member Qvaak. Prior to the Fourth Language Creation Conference, attendees took part in the LCC4 Conlang Relay. To start the relay off, I provided a text… Continue reading Dothraki Writing System…?